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A visit to the Western Film Studio 


 After six days visiting friends in Beijing, my Aussie friend Jon and I departed for a ten day tour of three provinces that I had not yet seen in China.

This is my second visit to Beijing since I was posted between 2011-2014 and it was lovely to return. (yes Sophie I did enjoy [very much] returning and quite a few things have changed), but firstly I wanted to thank all my usual lovely Blog friends who have taken the time to comment on my Zhihua Temple post – I cannot respond whilst in China for some reason (internet issues – grr) but wanted to acknowledge you all- thank you I do very much appreciate reading your comments!!

I am now sitting in the foyer of a Muslim/Chinese hotel in Qinghai Province trying again to access the internet (it’s not a bad hotel but because it’s Muslim – there is no alcohol – wow it’s now day five of no alcohol!!).

But after Beijing, our first stop was Ningxia Autonomous Region in northern China.  The plane ride from Beijing was about two hours and departed on time (loved this).  Having arranged my travel with a great tour company in China, my friend and I were collected at the airport and driven straight to the Western Film Studio which is a rather an uninteresting place really – I think I expected more…



But there were some good parts…the were some props used for movies about the Cultural Revolution which were interesting (and sad) to see, but it is China’s history and I do love reading and hearing about it!!!


IMG_0268 IMG_0272

Western Studio is one of the three biggest film studios in China and was set up in 1992.  I was reliably told by our lovely guide that over eighty movies have been filmed in this film studio. One such movie is ‘the man and his dog’ which our guide told us is a sad movie about the Cultural Revolution and funnily enough as man and a dog.  I haven’t seen it but did laugh at the fake dog on set…but from looking at the posters I think I would like the movie – now to try and find it.



For those of you who have lived/been to China you will understand when I say this studio was very ‘Chinese’ and I genuinely don’t mean to be derogatory but it was a bit strange.

IMG_0273 IMG_0275 IMG_0285

Lots of sets but the one with the dinosaur bones didn’t really fit in with the Chinese theme throughout the studio..ah well!!

IMG_0274 IMG_0280 IMG_0281