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An Annual Event in Canberra


The Canberra Balloon Spectacular is a fabulous annual event and starts every year around mid March for nine days.  Early in the morning before the sun comes up, the balloons are laid out and owners start inflating on the lawns of Old Parliament House.

My friend Jane and I arrived around 6.15am and along with thousands of other people; some with young families and others with their children and furry families all waited for the balloons to ascend into the sky.

This year there were some lovely balloon shapes, one being the balloon similar to the balloon in the movie ‘Up’ and another of an owl and an interesting one of a whale with a baby whale attached to its side.

Last year, I had gotten up early and driven in to see the balloon spectacular but had arrived a week too late and there was nothing on the lawns..clearly I need to research better…this year my friend did the research and we arrived on time to see this great event.


I couldn’t believe how lovely it was to see the balloons being inflated then up into the sky..spectacular – all free for us Canberrians and of course all the visitors to Australia’s capital.

It was definitely worth getting up at 5.30am to see…I loved it…


And also lovely to see our Aussie Air Force have a balloon..