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Dining at one of Canberra’s relatively new restaurants


This Asian inspired restaurant opened in the centre of Canberra city in 2014 and since then I have been a couple of times and each time the food has been delicious.  Inside there is an open kitchen and lots of neon signs…all very Japanese actually.

My latest visit was with some friends; one of which has just departed our organisation to take a new direction in her career.  Good on her I say!!  And I just heard she has been snapped up and has a new job.

We decided on the ‘Just Feed Me 8 of the Favourite Dishes’ which was suggested by our waiter and I arranged for vegetarian options for me.

First dishes to arrive were the Kingfish Sashimi with a nam jim sauce, coconut and coriander; shitake mushroom and water chestnut dumplings and a huge plate of spicy green peas.  The dumplings were delicious and accompanied by vinegar and chilli oil.  This oil was extremely spicy and made my lips numb – but it didn’t stop me eating the second dumpling.  I didn’t know how to eat the green peas so just popped one into my mouth and chewed on it..shell was bit hard and I probably would have continued eating them this way until my friend told me the correct way is to eat the peas only and leave the shell (silly me).


These dishes were followed by the pork belly bun which was pork braised in a sweet jam toped with an Asian slaw. My friends loved this.  The vegetarian dish was a plate of Asian greens topped with a sauce and fried onions…delicious.IMG_2331

Our final dishes before dessert were a chilli fried rice dish with vegetables and a fried egg.  Our waiter brought a separate dish of king prawns for my friends as this dish is usually non-vegetarian.  And finally fried noodles with mushrooms in a very tasty soy sauce then sweet corn pancakes with a chilli caramel topping – these were so good we immediately tucked into them and I forgot to take a photograph.

This is a place that expects fast paced dining as my internet booking advised that the seating was for 90 minutes only.  We actually ended up staying two hours and were not asked to leave.  The seating arrangements in the restaurant is mostly  high tables and stools and there are longer tables in the centre of the restaurant that would seat up to about ten people.  We sat at a high table at the window for four.

Our dessert was a lemon tofu cheesecake with anzac crumb and pandam jelly.  I was too full to eat any but my friends enjoyed theirs.  All in all a good night.  On a previous visit, I had the Shanghai noodles but found out they are only available for lunch.