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Kyoto’s Most Attractive Street


Ishibei-koji is regarded as Kyoto’s most attractive street.  And it truly is lovely (like everything else in Kyoto really).  I suppose to me it was more a little lane-way than a street, and it’s for pedestrians only which is wonderful as you can stroll along enjoying the ambience and enjoying everything it has to offer.

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Along the street, which is only about 200 metres long, I saw several Japanese women in their traditional garments; the kimono – all so different but equally beautiful.  And it’s not only the visitors to Japan who love to see the Japanese women in their traditional wear, the Japanese love to look at them too.

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We stopped at a gorgeous little tea house and enjoyed a cup of tea and I just loved the entrance to the tea house and the inside ambience  – fresh flowers on the tables and wonderfully friendly staff (who could not speak English but we worked it out).

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At the entrance to Ishibei-koji (which is a little difficult to find as the signs are only in Japanese) there are rickshaw pullers who congregate waiting for their passengers.

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One the day I went, I saw this absolutely gorgeous little girl dressed in traditional Japanese clothing – she was ‘so cute’ and her mum and she allowed me to take her photo.  I think you will agree she is beautiful.


Along Ishibei-koji, you’ll find nothing modern – only beautifully maintained traditional inns, restaurants and elite bars. The lane twists and turns a few times and at every turn there is a beautiful doorway leading into a home or restaurant etc.

IMG_3830 IMG_3828Ishibei literary means stone moat. Because the houses on this street have beautiful stone walls, it was named ‘the narrow street with stone walls’.

IMG_3839 IMG_3837 IMG_3833There are also beautiful flowers lining the street and along the tops of the stone walls.

IMG_3844 IMG_3845Another part of Kyoto which was truly beautiful.