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Dinner with Friends!


Canberra has a wonderful Cantonese cuisine restaurant that is very popular with both locals and visitors.  It’s located in the centre of the city and I arranged an evening with a group of friends there recently as I had not been there for about fifteen years.


There is an extensive menu with many vegetarian options.  My friends ordered two duck pancakes for entree which they shared; and whilst I could have ordered the vegetarian pancakes I decided to wait for my main meal.  The duck pancakes came served with hoisin sauce and I am told they were very good.


I ordered the stir fried pumpkin with cucumber and caramelised chilli onion and mentioned to the waitress that I didn’t want any fish sauce etc in my meal and luckily I did as the chef uses shrimp sauce so he kindly removed that from my meal.  The dish was absolutely delicious!!  My photo does not really do it justice as there was a wonderful chilli onion sauce which was delicious with a little bit of rice.


One of my friends ordered the vegetarian curry and the other two the shantung style spicy lamb.  All said their dishes were just fabulous.  We all had a great night; sharing a bottle of wonderful New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc between us and the two boys enjoying a beer as well.  Not much wine this evening as we were rather tired and each of us was driving home.  We finished around 8.15 pm, which was early as it was Friday but at the end of a busy week it was good to get home early.  It’s always lovely to catch up with friends over a great meal and glass of wine and I know sometimes we just want to get home after a week of work but to make the effort is really important otherwise we never catch up.