Australia’s Beautiful Hamilton Island


Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia and it is truly beautiful.  A good friend of mine, Natalie, turned 40 last year and she  decided on a birthday weekend at a beautiful home [which we rented] at Hamilton Island.  She invited me and her sister and brother-in-law and as I had never been I jumped at the chance to not only spend time with my friends but to see the Island.


So five of us travelled independently to the Island.  I arrived last and travelled from Canberra, with a stop over at Sydney as there are no direct flights to Hamilton Island from Canberra which is unfortunate as the stop over was about two hours or so.  The airport in Hamilton is very small and as soon as you are off the plane you hit the tarmac and the heat.  And boy was it hot.  Before they arrived, Nat and her sister had ordered our food for the weekend, on-line, so when I arrived all the food for breakfasts, snacks and the BBQ had arrived and all been put away; all I had to do was pay my share.


There are no vehicles allowed on the Island and transport is by a little golf cart which the owners of our rented home provided for us.  Our home for the weekend was beautiful with fabulous views over the water and daily visits from the local cockatoos.

IMG_0590_2 IMG_9804 IMG_9803 IMG_0603

We are not supposed to feed the wild birds but…I was a bit naughty and as I had a spare vegetarian sausage; instead of throwing it away I gave half to one bird and half to another..as you can see from my photos – they loved them!!

Nat’s husband picked me up from the tiny airport in the cute golf cart and after dropping my baggage off, we went to a local restaurant overlooking the water where my friends already had eaten lunch so we enjoyed a glass or two of champagne and ate some lovely desserts.  The birthday girl was given a plate of delicious desserts with ‘happy birthday’ written on the slate plate by the chef..very nice.

IMG_0588_2 IMG_9774

We had some lovely meals on the Island and one day took a boat trip to Airlie Beach where we walked around a little and had a great lunch before hopping back on the boat to return to Hamilton Island.

IMG_9771 IMG_9775

It was very warm during our visit so early one morning a few of us took a walk around part of the Island, stopping for a quick photo of a koala bear who lives in a Eucalyptus tree at one of the cafes.

IMG_0596 IMG_0600_2

Just before sunset one evening we drove up to Hamilton Island’s renowned hilltop lookout.  You need to get there a little early for two reasons; firstly a lot of people go there and you need to get a prime spot; and secondly you can buy cocktails, wine and beer from a little portable shop…this is most important – to see the orange and yellow hues in the evening sky – with a drink in hand – as the sun sets over the Whitsunday Islands is just fabulous!!





And finally I thought I would also share the beautiful views at sunset from our rented home.

IMG_9770 IMG_9765

IMG_9740 IMG_9760

I know my friend Nat had a wonderful birthday and was very happy with the lovely gifts she received from us.  I was so glad to be invited and really enjoyed my long weekend.