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Lunch at Pod Food


Weekends in Canberra can be pretty quiet and there are not a lot of restaurants open, with the exception of local wineries and Pod Food Restaurant.  Pod is located at Pialligo which is where you will find wineries, garden centres and restaurants in Canberra.

IMG_1801I arranged for a group of my friends to have lunch there yesterday and we had a wonderful afternoon of drinking, eating and chatting.  A great way to spend Sunday afternoon.

The menu has plenty of options; fish, meat, excellent vegetarian and great desserts.  We started off with the locally made sough dough bread with whipped local curd and cheddar custard.  We were told by the waitress that all the cheese on the menu is sourced from and made by a local woman and contains no animal rennet (great for me).

IMG_1786 IMG_1788I think everyone enjoyed their meals and mine was absolutely delicious.  A couple of us ordered the roast portobello mushroom, goats cheese, kale and mushroom cream for entree.  This was an incredible dish and the mushroom cream was fabulous.  One of my other friends ordered the fennel cured salmon with avocado, cucumber and wild rice.

IMG_1789 IMG_1791

We also ordered a side dish of lovely fresh vegetables and rosemary and chilli salt baked potatoes with aioli.  These were extremely good.  Not good for anyone on a diet but definitely worth ordering.


It was so lovely catching up with this group of friends; one I had not seen for quite some time and I do think enjoying time with your friends is a lovely way to spend the weekend.

For my main course I ordered the pumpkin risotto, ricotta zucchini blossom with fennel chutney and pepitas.  This was absolutely delicious.  My friends ordered a few different dishes including the chargrilled beef rump with roast potato mash and roast onions and the pork belly with roast pear, toasted grained and charred broccolini.




The dishes were all beautifully presented and even though we were all full we ordered a dessert with chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cream and chocolate biscuit – lovely!!