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Bamboo Gardens in Beijing


The Purple Bamboo Gardens in Beijing covers a huge area of 117 acres and inside you will find three lakes and two small islands. The three lakes in the spring and summer are filled with lotus blossoms and occupy one-third of the whole area.  I can only imagine how beautiful these would be when the lotus is in full bloom.  However, I visited the gardens in March [just at the end of winter in Beijing] so none of the lotus were in blossom but it still was a very beautiful garden to visit.




The two small islands I mentioned are surrounded by the lakes and are connected by an arch bridge.


IMG_6991 IMG_6994

The park is all about the bamboo; hence its name however I must say whilst I saw lots and lots of green bamboo, which was just beautiful, I did not see any purple…so I am not really sure if there is purple bamboo or the park is just called ‘Purple Bamboo Park’ for some other reason.

There are about fifty different types of bamboo within the garden and a Bamboo Culture Festival is held every year between April and June where everything is about bamboo.  I am told there is also bamboo dancing but really not sure what that would be all about.

IMG_7004 IMG_7003


Whilst I didn’t see the lotus in bloom, I thought I would check out the internet for some photos…so this is what the lotus and trees looks like in bloom – beautiful.



(these three photos from http://www.phototc.com)