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Wonderful views of Sydney Harbour from Restaurant ‘Cafe Sydney’


When I used to live in Sydney, friends and I would go to Cafe Sydney on top of the old Customs House at Circular Quay for special events.  One of my best friends and I even took my family there for christmas day one year. The food has always been fabulous and the views spectacular.  I just love it there.  One year I organised for a few friends to take a very sick friend there, picking her up in a limousine and having a wonderful meal on the evening of ‘Earth Hour’ when (the majority of) lights are turned off to conserve energy.

This month, I had a visiting delegation from China and my bosses wanted to take them to a fabulous restaurant in Sydney and Cafe Sydney was chosen.  We arranged for a private room which had exceptional views of the Harbour Bridge.

IMG_1377 IMG_1376 IMG_1374

We had pre-arranged the menu as our group comprised seven Chinese and six Aussie..so we thought it might be too long for us all to select off the larger menu.  Our chosen menu had a couple of options for entree/main and dessert.  I had the vegan option (as I don’t eat cheese) so had my own separate menu (thank you Cafe Sydney for having a vegan menu). But for my meat and fish eating colleagues, the menu looked wonderful.


We all started off with naan bread which was delicious and then went onto our separate entrees etc apart from we all shared fries (staple diet of mine no matter where I go – which I know is very bad but I just love them) and a lovely fresh salad.  My entree was a pea risotto which was delicious and I forgot to take a photo until I had mixed it around a little, then I had a dosa wrap with vegetables inside – I had tasted dosa before but I did not know it was made of lentils.  The chef did a great job of the dosa and whilst it was delicious, I was rather full from two pieces of naan bread and the risotto but ate about half (with fries of course)



IMG_1380 IMG_1381

There is an excellent selection of wines at this restaurant and we chose a sauvignon glance and merlot to cater for both red and white wine drinkers.  We also had sparkling mineral water which is from NZ (Antipodes) and not only is is refreshing but I just love the bottle.  Then it was time for dessert and I really believe I chose the best…’salted caramel, chocolate peanut tart, banana fritter with chocolate ice cream’….it’s funny I was too full to eat the dosa but when my dessert arrived I seemed to find room to fit it in…IMG_1373


My Chinese colleagues took lots of photos outside of the Bridge and Opera House and my only complaint of the evening was, that because we were in a private room, it seems the waitresses forgot us during the evening and I had to chase them several times to serve more drinks (but must say that is definitely my only ‘minor’ complaint), apart from that, the service was great and meals fabulous.  Definitely a place to visit for lunch or dinner.  If you can dine on the balcony it’s even more special.