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A cup of coffee at Friends Cafe in Beijing


London has one so does Dubai and in 2010 Beijing opened one…a replica of the cafe Ross, Rachael, Monica and Chandler from ‘Friends’ visit every day.  The hot chocolate is good enough as are the snacks but don’t expect anything substantial..  The quaint cafe has many replicas of the actual set, for example the handwritten menu on the wall, the ‘Cafe Perk’ sign on the window and iconic couch where you can watch re-runs of the actual show.


cafe perk2

My friend and I were about to sit on the couch but were immediately told by the Chinese staff that we could not so we found ourselves a small table to eat our muffin and drink our hot chocolate…but then we saw a young good looking Chinese couple come in and were shown straight to the couch..clearly this couch is kept for the ‘young and good looking crowd in Beijing’…ouch!!


We didn’t see any of the old cast members of the show but was told that the customers affectionately call the owner ‘Du Xin’ which translates to ‘Gunther’ after the shows fictional manger.  ‘Du’ created the cafe’s interior by studying photos online and worked with the designers to customise each piece of furniture to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.


Cafe Perk is located at Chaowai SOHO, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Building A, Suite 0616.