Fabulous ice cream and cakes at Frugii


So where do you go in Braddon after a long lunch and too much wine….Frugii…what a fabulous shop with wonderful people.  Located at 30 Lonsdale Street.


Frugii is an ice-cream/gelato and cake shop in Braddon, it’s a little bit tucked away and you need to look for the sign board on the street but once you find it you will definitely know where it is to come back.  All desserts are made by the owner and you are able to have a small taste of any of the delicious ice-creams and gelato.  Both ice-cream and gelato is delicious and in my view the vanilla bean ice-cream and chocolate gelato are the best!!!  Staff are incredibly friendly and the owner is very engaging and also happy to pass on the history of the shop and the desserts.

My friend and I tasted all the ice-cream and gelato between us.  I loved the vanilla bean and the passionfruit ice-cream and also the chocolate gelato – my friend loved the strawberry and mango ice-ream, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate gelato…so he bought us both a $12 take-home bucket of the flavours we loved.


We also bought the most delicious tasting choux pastry ‘lemon meringue pie’ to take-away which comes in a lovely little box with plastic spoon – but there are many other flavour choux pastry cakes to buy.  All look fabulous.

IMG_1257 IMG_1256


Whilst we did a sample in-store and took our treats away, there are a few tables to eat your dessert at in the store.  A definite place to visit.