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Dinner at Red Capital Club 66 Dongsijiutiao, Dongsi District



The Red Capital Club is located in an ancient hutong in Beijing and said to be dedicated to China’s burgeoning red capitalists!  We were dropped off at the bottom of the hutong and knew we were at the restaurant when we saw a vintage red flag limousine which, in the day, was reserved exclusively for China’s top communist leaders – although it looks like it hasn’t moved for quite a few years and never been washed – but cool to see.


The restaurant has a very kitschy theme but I will get back to that a little later.  We decided on the banquet as there was about ten of us dining this particular evening, which was plentiful and included Chairman Mao’s favourite dishes; one being red roasted pork which was eaten by Mao late at night whilst writing down his thoughts.  It came out with a ‘delightful’ carved turnip in the shape of Mao – and a cauliflower and broccoli dish shaped like Yin and Yang complete with a green and red olive.


As for the kitschiness of the restaurant…I think you would realise this as soon as you enter. There is a five foot high porcelain statue of the Chairman but the courtyard area where the statue is located is very pretty.  We were seated in a room off the courtyard where the food and drinks flowed and both were of high quality.




My dinner companions and I all think the highlight of the night was the room containing replicas of Mao’s suit, kitschy ornaments, Mao’s original chair, next to a delightful red velvet chair (we think this may have been stolen from someone’s ‘nanna’ complete with her delightful doilies).  A great evening and a restaurant well worth the visit in Beijing.



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