A night at the Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra


Some months ago I heard about the Jamala Wifdlife Lodge in Canberra at the National Zoo and Aquarium; I had never visited the zoo as was not wanting to be confronted by animals in small cages. But I read a lot about the lodge and the zoo and the animals appeared to be in large enclosures. So this month my brother, nephew and I went to stay overnight. There are several room options and I chose one of the bungalows which has a canopy bed, two lounges and fabulous bathroom all overlooking the sun bear enclosure. The leather lounge turns into a very comfortable bed which was all made up when we went for dinner.

IMG_1084 IMG_0113


As soon as we arrived in the early afternoon we had some afternoon tea in the Ushaka Lodge which is the main lodge and were then introduced to some very large snakes followed by a private highlight tour of parts of the zoo.

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On our private tour, we saw lions and tigers, monkeys, otters, penguins and patted the emu, wallaby and a couple of friendly dingos. We also saw some very cute meerkats who all like to play with empty plastic water bottles.

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After our private tour we settled into our lodge for a couple of hours before dinner. The well stocked mini-bar is complimentary so as I was pouring a glass of wine, one of the two sun bears decided to make a visit up onto our patio. We had a perfect view of him eating some snacks left by his keeper.

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Our dinner was at the Rainforest Cave with ‘an animal in residence’ which this evening was the white lion and white lioness…an amazing experience to see them both just outside a glass window.

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After a restful night’s sleep, apart from around 3am when the lions woke us up with their roaring, we woke for breakfast which like dinner the evening before, was delicious. We then had another exclusive tour of animals we had not seen the day before. We saw the cheetah, zebra, giraffe, many monkeys and a special treat was the rhinocerous.

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