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Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Anhui Province


My second last trip whilst in Beijing was to Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province. I did a bit of research on the mountain and found that it was traditionally ranked one of the Three Holy Mountains and one of the Five High Mountains in China. One website also said that it was honoured as the Number One Remarkable Mountain on Earth (can’t guarantee the truth of this but I did find a ‘Mount Remarkable which is located in South Australia’)

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I took this three day trip departing early on a Friday morning. The flight takes around three hours from Beijing with a short stop in the capital, Hefei before arriving in Tunxi. I didn’t have to leave the plane in Hefei [but did on the return leg]. Unfortunately my plane was delayed three hours in Beijing so I did not reach Huangshan until around 5pm. But still time to take a stroll through Huangshan Old Quarter with its quaint and old shopfronts and cobblestone streets.


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I stayed the Huangshan International Hotel which was clean and comfortable with WiFi in the rooms. The next day my tour guide (booked through Global Easy Tours)took me to Hongcun Village which coincidentally is the same village used in historical fiction books I was reading (‘Shanghai Girls’ and its sequel ‘Dreams ofJoy’ author Lisa See).


The Village has approximately 150 residences dating back to the Qing and Ming dynasties. The village was also used for some of the scenes in the movie ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’. It really is worthwhile seeing this village.

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After lunch we travelled to the foot of Yellow Mountain and caught a cable car to the top – about a ten minute ride – with magnificent views. My tour guide had advised me that to get to my hotel (Beihai Hotel on top of the mountain) I would have to walk for some time up and down 1000 steps. So I left my luggage at the International Hotel and just took the essentials in my backpack – I didn’t take my computer and forgot my book so the evening was a touch boring. But the tip saved me lugging everything up and down steps. The walk to the hotel is not difficult but might be a bit much for younger children and the elderly. Breathtaking scenery along the way especially at the top and on the way down the following day, I think the views are some of the most spectacular I have seen in China!!




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The tour guide I used through Global Easy Tours was Mr Kevin WU (wkevin285@gmail.com) – I highly recommend Kevin who speaks perfect English and is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.