Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

A little while ago I visited the Beijing Planning museum Exhibition Hall which opened in 2004 and is located beside Tian’anmen Square . I think it is well worth the visit to learn about Beijing’s urban planning construction and the future of Beijing. I really enjoyed this museum. It comprises four floors with temporary and permanent displays. The whole exhibition area is basically divided into two sections, the development of the ancient city and the conservation of Beijing’s ancient relics. There are a large amount of photos, images, documents and artifacts which are used to show the overall development process.


One very special display is a ten metre high and nine metre wide bronze wall sculpture located between the first and second floors. It is made with a scale of 1:1000 and fully illustrates the overall layout and characteristics of Beijing in 1949. It features more than 118,000 houses, 60,000 trees and alleys, lakes and rivers. There is also a multi-media theatre which shows a video of the construction of Beijing and another about its future. The focus of the museum, I think, is a large scale model of the entirety of urban Beijing, showing existing buildings which allows you to see Beijing and its surrounds. And there is also a glass floor which when you walk on allows you to see a map of Beijing underneath. All pretty cool!!

IMG_2495A friend of mine recently visited the museum and said he believes that it would be very beneficial for visitors to Beijing to come to this museum first before undertaking any sightseeing so they can understand the lay-out of Beijing and learn about and appreciate the city planning.

Address: 20 Qianmen East Street (east of the old Beijing Railway Station) 9-5pm and as with other Beijing museums it is closed on Mondays.
Cost: 30 RMB